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Patch Note

Created : January 28, 2023


Remove Animation

  • Specter's Gaze
  • Olucas

World Boss

  • Increase the chance of Bloodstorm Nouver to spawn ( no test )

Pearl Shop

  • [Event] Magical Elixir x10 1000 Loyalties weekly reset
  • Port Rat Storage Expansion


  • Max CP 1000

Login Reward

Welcome Desertale

  • Remove - Shakatu Life Box


Age of Trading

  • Add to Velia Storage


Florchestra instruments Quest:

  • Increase Dewdrop x10 on each quest


  • Pearl Box drop from Gather Sheep
  • GVG on CH2
  • [Desertale Online] Desertale Soul Keeper Armor Quest Accept condition


Teleports for Premium users for 30 - 60 - 90 days will no longer be managed with boxes but will be in the Pearlshop in the Travel Aid section purchasable for 1 Pearl and will be removed after use of the Tp from the inventory the CD will always remain 10 minutes. You will only need to purchase it again in the Pearl shop after use.


Fishing Event Quest:

Start 2023-01-28 End 2023-02-12

Quest Start from Crio on Velia

Fishing event will be an event that will test the skills of various fishermen. You will have to go offshore with your ships to take on the 5 fishing challenges that involve catching certain fish in different fishing grounds, the quest will provide the player with a fishing rod made specifically for the quest but the user will have no obligations on the fishing rod to use will be free to use the fishing rod that pleases him. At the completion of each quest the user will receive a jewel that will provide 125 of mastery so that at the completion of the 4th quest you will have a set that will provide 500 of mastery on fishing, at the completion of the 5th quest the user will receive a custom item a fishing net made by us.

  • [Desertale Online] Desertale Master Fishing I
  • [Desertale Online] Desertale Master Fishing II
  • [Desertale Online] Desertale Master Fishing III
  • [Desertale Online] Desertale Master Fishing VI
  • [Desertale Online] Desertale Master Fishing V

Cooking Event

Start 2023-01-28 End 2023-01-31

  • [Desertale Online] Desertale Master Chef I
  • [Desertale Online] Desertale Master Chef II
  • [Desertale Online] Desertale Master Chef III
  • [Desertale Online] Desertale Master Chef VI
  • [Desertale Online] Desertale Master Chef V