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Patch Note

Created : March 5, 2023


  • Increase drop Verdant Black Stone

World Boss

  • Reduce Hp

BOSS Reward bundle

  • Reworked Worldboss Drops to be in a Bundle like Vell has
  • Added different grade BoxBundle for Cron- and Caphra-Stones
  • Affected:
  • Kzarka (Normal and Nightmare)
  • Nouver (Normal and Bloodstorm)
  • Kutum (Normal and Thunder)
  • Karanda (Normal and Stormbringer
  • Offin
  • Garmoth

Ibedor's Scroll

  • Add Caphras Stone drop at each Wave
  • Add Turo's Belt - Ominous Ring Guranted Drop
  • Increase Ancient Spirit Dust drop at each steep
  • Increase Rate Rebellious Spirit Crystal - Corrupted Magic Crystal

Vell Reward

  • Vell Reward Bundle (Advanced)

  • 1k Coral, 100 Coloured Coral (all colours), 20 of the Daybreak, twilight, Prairie, Golden and Breezy, 500 crons, 10 golden pearls, 50 vells fine powder and 500 black stones (Armor and weapon)

  • Vell Reward Bundle (Intermediate)

  • 500 Coral, 50 Coloured Coral (all colours), 10 of the Daybreak, twilight, Prairie, Golden and Breezy, 250 crons, 5 golden pearls, 25 vells fine powder and 250 black stones (Armor and weapon)


  • Remove Exchange Soul Eater Artina Sol to Soul Eater Psyche - Exchange Soul Eater Psyche to Soul Eater Artina Sol
  • Now it's possible to use Awakening Weapon Coupon for Exchange

Guild Login Reward

  • Remove Awakening Exchange Coupon and replace with Main weapon exchange coupon and Sub Weapon Exchange Coupon

Pearl Shop

  • Awakening exchange Coupon, limited to 1 per Family with a weekly Reset
  • Exp Scroll - Combat & Skill EXP 955% Scroll (60 min) <-- Custom Item


  • Because of some players who often continue to use hacks in the server and hide behind the anonymity of Camouflage, we have decided to remove the buff that hides players' names so that people when they see a user using hacks can report it to the staff.


  • Increase Meat Drop with 2k Mastery

Premium Teleport

  • Oquilla's Eye Teleport Scroll
  • Kratuga Teleport Scroll


  • Increase Exp Catfishman - Mansha Forest
  • Quest Exp on Catfishman Find quest on spot and required Kill 200 Catfishman


  • The community decided to have guilds with a maximum of 30 players to have a more balanced PVP between guilds.


  • Fixed Guild Rank in game with update every hour


  • Database Migration to a New Datacenter


  • Desertale Master Chef Cooking Challenge Start From Olivia NPC on Heidel More dettails on Discord