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Creata : Febbraio 5, 2023


  • Premium Login Reward

Awakening Quest:

  • [Warrior Awakening] Quality of a Mercenary: Maturity
  • [Warrior Awakening] Quality of a Mercenary: Perseverance
  • [Warrior Awakening] Quality of a Mercenary: Defense
  • [Sorceress Awakening] Sorceress' Quality, Prediction
  • [Sorceress Awakening] Sorceress' Quality, Perseverance
  • [Sorceress Awakening] Sorceress' Quality, Explosion
  • [Berserker Awakening] Berserker's Quality, Instinct
  • [Berserker Awakening] Berserker's Quality, Strength
  • [Berserker Awakening] Berserker's Quality, Wit
  • [Ranger Awakening] Ranger's Ordeal, Domination
  • [Ranger Awakening] Ranger's Ordeal, Commune
  • [Ranger Awakening] Ranger's Ordeal, Advancement
  • [Tamer Awakening] Black Aura on the Mountains
  • [Tamer Awakening] Tamer's Proof: Idleness
  • [Tamer Awakening] Tamer's Proof: Control
  • [Tamer Awakening] Tamer's Proof: Commune
  • [Valkyrie Awakening] Valkyrie's Quality, Sanctity
  • [Valkyrie Awakening] Valkyrie's Quality, Protection
  • [Valkyrie Awakening] Valkyrie's Quality, Paragon
  • [Musa Awakening] Musa's Quality, Creed
  • [Musa Awakening] Musa's Quality, Resolve
  • [Musa Awakening] Musa's Quality, Enlightenment
  • [Maehwa Awakening] Maehwa's Quality, Martial Arts
  • [Maehwa Awakening] Maehwa's Quality, Camaraderie
  • [Maehwa Awakening] Maehwa's Quality, Reflection
  • [Ninja Awakening] Ninja's Quality, Patience
  • [Ninja Awakening] Ninja's Quality, Tenacity
  • [Ninja Awakening] Ninja's Quality, Self-restraint
  • [Kunoichi Awakening] Kunoichi's Quality, Reflection
  • [Kunoichi Awakening] Kunoichi's Quality, Tenacity
  • [Kunoichi Awakening] Kunoichi's Quality, Rage
  • [Witch Awakening] Witch's Quality, Inquiry
  • [Witch Awakening] Witch's Quality, Purity
  • [Witch Awakening] Witch's Quality, Intelligence
  • [Wizard Awakening] Memory of That Day
  • [Wizard Awakening] Wizard's Quality, Inquiry
  • [Wizard Awakening] Wizard's Quality, Balance
  • [Wizard Awakening] Wizard's Quality, Intelligence
  • [Dark Knight Awakening] Code of the Dark Knight: Dominance
  • [Dark Knight Awakening] Code of the Dark Knight: Moderation
  • [Dark Knight Awakening] Code of the Dark Knight: Faith
  • [Mystic Awakening] Mystic's Quality, Refinement
  • [Mystic Awakening] Mystic's Quality, Awareness
  • [Mystic Awakening] Mystic's Quality, Tenacity

Login Reward

  • New Login reward for Premium user
  • New table to compensate for missing premium days Available to 2023-02-12
  • All login rewards will expire on the 28th of the month so they will start again lined up on March 1


  • [Guild] Stage 1 Wooden Gate Inncrease HP

  • [Guild] Level 2 Wooden Gate Inncrease HP

  • [Guild] Level 3 Wooden Gate Inncrease HP

  • [Guild] 4th level wooden gate Inncrease HP

  • [Guild] Wooden Fence Gate Reduce HP

  • [Guild] Big Hwacha (Conquest War) Reduce HP

  • [Guild] Big Hwacha (Tier 3) Reduce HP

  • [Guild] Big Hwacha (Tier 4) Reduce HP

  • [Guild] Hwacha Reduce HP

  • [Guild] Hwacha (Tier 1) Reduce HP

  • [Guild] Hwacha (Tier 2) Reduce HP

  • [Guild] Enhanced Flame Tower Reduce HP

  • [Guild] Enhanced Flame Tower Reduce HP

  • [Guild] Enhanced Flame Tower (Tier 3) Reduce HP

  • [Guild] Enhanced Flame Tower (Tier 4) Reduce HP

  • [Guild] Flame Tower Reduce HP

  • [Guild] Flame Tower (Conquest War) Reduce HP

  • [Guild] Flame Tower (Tier 1) Reduce HP

  • [Guild] Flame Tower (Tier 2) Reduce HP

  • [Guild] Flame Tower (Tier 3) Reduce HP

  • [Guild] Flame Tower (Tier 4) Reduce HP



Fix quest Nouvermon reward *[Title] Nouverikant

Pearl Shop

  • [Title] Nouverikant " Is only available to those who have already completed the Nouvermon quest "

Available to 2023-02-12

  • Armstrong's Skill Guide (1 Day)

Drop Rate

  • Activated a drop rate boost for yellow fish in the event quests [Desertale Online] Desertale Master Fishing I - II - III - IV - V

Central Market

  • Has been reset to fix the ^search^ bug that was not working. As reported in the notice repeated daily for the past two weeks via our web/discord portals and in game via launcher.
  • The minimum item-price for items being added to the registration-queue got increased, so more high-valued items will now be able to directly sell instead of the 15-Minute registration-queue time-gating it.


  • Free Teleport - Muiquun - Port Epheria -> Buy from Oasis vendor
  • Premium Teleport - Muiquun - Behr - Port Epheria -> Buy from Pearl Shop