Patch Note


  • Rework Naga Enthusiast
    Select Reward : - Design: Kanna's Naga Disguise - Shai or Design: Drieghanese Winter Clothes - Shai

Increase Rate Mysterious Catalyst
Gold Ingot
Oil of Storms


  • Remove bound Character, now its possible put on storage
    Horse Breeding Reset (Female)
    Horse Breeding Reset (Male)

  • Set as stackable items
    Reset Mount Growth
    World Boss Box
    Set as stackable items "boxes in the storage will need to be moved to the inventory and repositioned within the storage to be stackable"

  • Desertale Premium 3-Day
    Set block on the 3-day premium that cannot be used if the 30-day premium, is already active.

  • Oblivion's Necklace
    Added ability to use reform function with Cup of Arid Moonlight item

Login Reward
Remove all Day from Desertale premium 3-Days and Leave only first 3 Day

Blackstar Main Weapon Skin (Webshop)


  • Fishing
    Remove Torn Net from Drop

Gather From: Lumbering Axe
Balanced drop from Trees with mastery higher than: 2k

  • Gather From: Fluid Collector
    Balanced drop from Trees with mastery higher than: 2k

  • Implemented additional drop of Ores with mastery higher than: 2K

  • Increase drop Rate:
    Remnants of Burnt Spirits

Add Christmas Item

  • Christmas Interior Set
  • Christmas Decorated Furniture Set
  • Christmas Pet Box
  • Christmas Noel Outfit Box
  • Christmas Snowflake Outfit Box

Due to the missing Noel and Snowflake outfits for the Sage and Corsair classes we activated Arctic Fang outfits for the Sage unfortunately the Corsair in this version does not have outfits so nothing could be added for her

Gather Event
During the period 2022-12-17 - to - 2022-12-19while gathering you will get Desertale Gather Boxes which contain the following:
Krogdalo's Origin Stone x5
Concentrated Magical Black Gem x10
Breezy Conch Seaweed x3
Rainbow Gem fruit x3