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3. New player guide

Последние обновление : Июнь 2, 2023


  • Pearl obtain from grinding mob, gathering. afk

At the start of the game via the Challenge (Y) you will find:

[Level 1] Dont call me a noobe anymore!" Where you will find:

    • Pearl x700
  • Loyality x700

New Start Gear

How to Obtain:

You obtain it when creating a new Character

  • Main Weapon Box
  • Sub Weapon Box
  • Defence Gear - Jewellery Box



A gift for new adventurers! Where you will find:

  • Combat & Skill EXP 555% Scroll (60 min) x30
  • Horse Emblem: Tier 7 White Horse (Female)
  • Naughty Dog x3
  • Inventory +16 Expansion Coupon x1

After reaching Level 10 using the Teleport for calpheon porete reach the spot below where you can easily reach level 56


[Level 5] Now It Gets Interesting... where you will find:

  • Pearl x500
  • Loyality x500
  • Contribution exp 3600

[Level 10] Unleash Your Power! where you will find:

  • Golbar 10G x1
  • Blackstone Armor x50
  • Gift Letter of Repayment 3 x1
  • Contribution exp 2700

[Level 15] Time to Thrill Where you will find:

  • Golbar 10G x3
  • Blackstone Weapon x50
  • Gift Letter of Repayment 4 x1
  • Contribution exp 2700

[Level 20] Battle with Yourself. where you will find

  • Golbar 10G x5
  • [Event] Armstrong's Skill Guide (1 Day)
  • Contribution exp 3600

[Level 25] Unlimited Challenges where you will find:

  • Golbar 10G x7
  • Pure Magical Black Stone x20
  • Contribution exp 3600

[Level 30] That's the Spirit! where you will find:

  • Golbar 100G x1
  • Pure Magical Black Stone x10
  • Contribution exp 3600

[Desertale Online] Lodging Worker where you will find:

  • Chees Pie x10
  • Select Reward:
  • Velia Worker's Lodging +1
  • Heidel Worker's Lodging +1
  • Calpheon Worker's Lodging +1
  • Altinova Worker's Lodging +1
  • ValenciaWorker's Lodging +1

[Desertale Online] Super Worker: where you will find:

  • Chees Pie x10
  • Select Reward:
  • Velia QA Worker's
  • Heidel QA Worker's
  • Calpheon QA Worker's
  • Valencia QA Worker's

[Desertale Online] Loyalty Reward: You will gain every 30 Min 200 Loyalties to a maximum of 12 Times.This is a Daily Reward and will be reseted after 24Hours Thank you for Playing Desertale Online

  • Loyalty x200

[Desertale Online] Loyalty Reward: Thank you for playing Desertale Online you will get every Hour 500 Pearls to a maximum of 2500 Pearls

  • Pearls x500