5. Auto Buy

Autobuy is divided into 3 Categories

New Account - Premium Account - Free Account
Means that according to the category of membership autobuy offers waiting days before automatic purchase and earning percentage


How do I sell an item with autobuy ?

You simply have to put game items up for sale at Central Market as you have always done only after the X day period depending on the category you belong to by logging into https://desertaleonline.com/ by clicking on your profile and selecting Autobuy


When you are in the Auto Buy screen, if the required days have passed based on your category, you will find the list of your items at Central Market, as shown in the image above.


As you will see in the photo, the button offers two buy/convert choices.
What does this mean ?
indicates that through the auto buy feature you will be able to choose whether to obtain in-game silver or convert it to a virtual currency that can be used for the Auto Preorder system


Clicking Sell or the Green button will mark the item as sold in the Central Market.


Clicking on Convert or the blue button will remove the item from Central Market and convert it to Preorder Silvers: a virtual currency that will allow you to purchase items at Central Market with no preorder, having to wait for a user to sell them.