8. Red Battlefield


Red Battelfield Fight

Is a PvP team deathmatch (red Vs blue) with a duration of 20 minutes which can be entered from Lv50, need more players to start it and you will not be able to change equip or activate buffs inside RBF(take all buffs before entering).

If a RBF has already started you will have 20 minutes to play but only 10 minutes to enter.

For start press ESC--->Red Battlefield (remember to fill the HP and MP bar or you won't be able to enter). Everything is fine player starts with a score above his head (+10) that score goes up or down depending on how many kill or death you have. At the end of 20 minutes the team with the most points wins. Enchant your equipment and enter in to the battle.


  • Cron Stone x2000
  • Caphras Stone x1000
  • Radiant Adventure Box x2
  • Red Seal x40
  • Gold Bar 10,000G x2
  • Pearl x2000
  • Loyalties x2000


  • Cron Stone x1000
  • Caphras Stone x500
  • Radiant Adventure Box x2
  • Red Seal x20
  • Gold Bar 10,000G x1
  • Pearl x1000
  • Loyalties x1000